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"Slowmercial" Targets YOU (Most Likely)

I am one of the 80% of people who records shows in order to bypass the annoying/tiring/un-clever commercials that pollute my TV viewing time. But this phenomenon has posed a major problem for commercial advertisers as their ads are going unwatched; their money going to waste. DDB Brussels figured out a way to showcase the new Volkswagen bug convertible and capture the attention of serial fast-forwarders with the “slowmercial.” The movement of the bug’s top going down in front of a sunset is relatively static so that the message is conveyed like a print ad when the commercial is fast-forwarded. DDB Brussels’ ingenious commercial is sure to be the first of many since it claims to “have up to 50% more impact than an ordinary TV commercial” by reaching both live and delayed viewers. 

[Via PSFK]

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