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A Very Experiential Chinese New Years

This past weekend was the celebration of the Chinese New Year Festival in San Francisco's Chinatown. A number of well-known brands chose to take part as a great way to connect with thousands of their target consumers in a highly interactive environment. Below are some examples of both guerrilla and experiential tactics that were used by Coca Cola, McDonald's and Toyota.

Coca-Cola, the world's largest soda company, went big this [Chinese New] year. Coca-Cola's booth included a giant coke bottle equipped with a touch display slot machine. Crowds of people lined up to take a turn while others gathered to watch the fun. Everybody left a winner with a free sample of their favorite soda in hand. Coca-Cola was able to capture the reactions and made quite an impression at the festival. 

McDonald's, everyone's favorite fast food/guilty pleasure, made their presence known. McDonald's famous Ronald McDonald made a guest appearance. Street teams distributed gift cards ranging from $2-$5 to eager kids lined up for their chance to score a complimentary happy meal and a pic with Ronald McDonald. A shining example of instant digital integration, patrons' pictures were uploaded onsite to McDonald's Facebook (with their backdrop and watermark attached and all!).

Toyota painted the town red - the Chinese color of good fortune and joy. Toyota's Corolla and Camry featured large displays showing the Chinese versions of their commercials. For a more interactive booth, Toyota included an augmented reality game enticing consumers to engage with friends and family. By constructing an original and interactive booth, Toyota took advantage of the opportunity to reach out to new consumers and enlighten them about their newest products. 

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