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Share Good to Get Good (Mac & Cheese)

Whenever I see a massive PR stunt I feel a pang of jealousy. Why am I never lucky enough to experience a guerrilla event to brighten my lackluster afternoon? Annie’s Homegrown Inc., a Berkeley-based company who practices organic farming to produce organic goods, wanted to create brand awareness while showcasing their core values. A larger-than-life box of Annie’s mac and cheese requested people to “tweet something good to see something good.” And boy did they follow through with their word. A giant bunny serving macaroni, multiple magicians engaging with the growing crowd, and a band jamming in the town square combined to #ShareGood. By distributing samples of mac and cheese to everyone, Annie’s was able to start new relationships with people that might have passed them by in a crowded grocery store isle. And if you have ever had Annie’s you know this is a true present.    

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