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Social Media Gamification: Online Meets the Real World

Russian mobile company, Red Energy, was looking for a unique way to spread awareness around their "hassle-free communication" services and connect with a younger target audience. To do so, the mobile company developed a social game to promote their service, The Red Quest.

The scene was set: summer in Moscow, in the middle of an environmental catastrophe. The audience was faced with saving the planet by using an online platform to complete tasks in the real world. There were two kinds of puzzles they would need to complete to stay in the lead, including purely intellectual tasks which could be solved using web resources, as well as physical tasks which were to be performed "in the real world" with assistance of their mobile phones.

As a result, over 1 million people registered to participate in the game and the video received over 250,000 hits. Sales also went up 20% during the campaign. Watch the video for more details!

[via Grape ]

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