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Publicity Stunt: Run for Your Lives

If zombies took over the world, would you survive? Run for Your Lives, a 5k race where runners are expected to navigate through a series of zombie themed obstacle courses, was looking for an innovative approach to market their unique competition. To promote the event, local advertising agency, MGH, organized a publicity stunt at the University of Maryland. The agency hired a "preacher" to warn students of the impending zombie apocalypse – urging students to start preparing, now! After the stunt was completed, the Run for your Lives website doubled in direct traffic and saw a 12% increase in race sign-ups.

The race, which is scheduled to be held in Darlington, MD during October, requires participants to think on their feet. Those who can figure out the shortest route without becoming a zombie's meal, wins! Watch the video to learn more.

[via MGH & Run for Your Lives]

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