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Guerrilla Marketing: Burger King, Free Wallets

We love the King for his burgers, we fear the king for his stealth and random appearances in our bedrooms and now we can thank him for some free cash. Burger King utilized a creative and fun way to gain brand loyalty and customer flow to its Chicago and Orlando locations. The fast food chain randomly dispersed wallets in popular spots through out the cities filled with the Kings driver license, cash, BK gift cards, a map with BK locations and a note letting you know that the wallets and its contents are yours to keep.


Anonymous said...

i love seeing Burger King Marketing campaigns. they really know how to get a good chuckle out of their consumers. I wish the king would leave his wallet around the city in SF!

cor said...

This was a very dumb guerrilla. An exact copy of the one of McDonald's. Burger King seems to love their biggest rival :-)