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Street Art: Water Is Life

Corporations are not the only ones utilizing street art to convey a message to the public. Regardless of the hand behind the brush and the brain behind the message, street art is an effective way to communicate an idea or a feeling. The goal of artist Henk Hofsra in the Dutch city Drachten was to draw attention to the impact and importance of water. An aerial view of the half-mile stretch of this blue street reveals the phrase “Water is life”. The subsequent project stage turned this former canal back into a waterway to truly demonstrate the significance of its phrase.


cor said...

yawn. this was 3 years ago. Are you awake???

Rob J. said...

Cor, you seem like a real positive person!

I like checking out this site because there are great ideas here, current and old. If you start your own guerrilla marketing blog, post the URL in the comments, I'd love to see it.

Rob J. said...

Update: Cor HAS her own guerrilla marketing blog, complete with scrolling marquee text at the top. How very 1999.

Sorry GS, just not a big fan of negative commenters.

katy said...

I love it ----- it's clean----it's positive-----it's beautiful------it's uplifting------and it was done by real people---and you can see it from a satellite and feel the impact in your home----planet--- forever. That is timeless--untrendy---visionary----and worth doing. Thanks!