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Promotional Items That Will Make You Turn Green

What would you say to a promotional item that would leave a positive brand impression, but not a negative impression on the environment? You should say, "Yes, please" and then take your choice of corn plastic travel coffee mugs, eco-spun tote bags and recycled cotton t-shirts! Companies like Access Eco in the USA and Eco Incentives in the UK are taking traditional and non-traditional promo giveaways and making them environmentally friendly. Even big name companies like Branders and Print Globe are offering some of these items.

There also is a crop (no pun intended) of printers using soy and veggie based ink on recycled paper. Check out GreenerPrinter.com. They are even 100% wind powered! (BP)


jack said...

Excellent it is really unbelievable to see that we can also have a travel coffee mugs with our logo , name or message placed on it . Not only with one model but you can place it on different designed travel coffee mugs where you can select it with the color of your imagine . travel coffee mugs

luis said...

I agree totally with you.

People should do everything possible to promote Green and Sustainable activities and nothing better for that job than to use appropriate promotional materials.

Check this site for a great variety of Cool GREEN promo stuff: http://www.zazzle.com/livepaths*