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Nokia taking it to the people - Part Deux

Nokia just started Nokia Beta Labs
Everyone with a data plan should definitely check out their "Widsets". Think of it as the customizable homepage for your cell, consisting of customizable widsets. Widsets consist of games like Sudoku and Memory, provide you with a translation tool, a dictionary, a Wikipedia plug-in, and keep you updated on all the latest and greatest through RSS feeds!
More tools and services are added each day and it's fun to watch the service grow - already it is being supported by many international developers.
Best Part -> ITS FREE, and it works on more than 300 phones that are Java MIDP 2.0 compliant (thanks for that comment HeGe).


1 comment:

HeGe said...

Hi there, and thank you for the nice words about WidSets! One comment, you do not need a Nokia phone. WidSets runs on more than 300 phone brands and models that are Java MIDP 2.0 compliant. Thanks!