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Celebrity Endorsements: Football or Ambiguity

In Ogilvy on Advertising, David Ogilvy describes celebrity endorsements as lazy and overrated. He elaborates that they really only work if the celebrities advertise products they have expertise in. However, even in those cases, many viewers often remember the celebrity more than the actual product. A study by Ace Metrix seems to support this idea, for they report that celebrity endorsements often hurt product advertisements, diminishing a product lift by 1.4% on average.

Despite the grim outlook, many brands still attempt celebrity advertisements hoping to beat the average. Of the recent advertisements that we have seen, which sport a celebrity, we have noticed that there are two factors brands can focus on to improve their odds: overemphasize the product benefit and pick a celebrity that is easily seen as an expert in the product’s field.

There are two celebrity endorsed ads below. One clearly focuses on those two factors, and the other seems to focus on... nothing in particular.


So football on your phone.


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