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An App More for the Zombie Fan Than the Brand

Hyundai worked with Robert Kirkman, comic book creator of The Walking Dead, to come out with a mobile application that allows fans and zombie fanatics to create, design their own post-apocalypse vehicle. After designing your anti-zombie vehicle, you are graded on survivability based on the categories of offense, defense, speed, and stealth. After all, in a post-apocalyptic world, its more than about style.

Why We Love This App:

A handful of brands have tried a hand at creating games and mobile applications in hopes of advertising their products. However, due to an over emphasis on their ulterior motive (selling and displaying their products), many of them fail.

Hyundai’s cars are not the main focus of the app. The main focus of The Walking Dead Chop Shop is the flame throwers, barbed-wire bumpers, and reinforced doors. The focus is providing genuine entertainment that zombie-fans actually enjoy and have always thought about. The bonus for the brand is, as this app allows fans to better imagine their post-apocalyptic vehicle, that users will be able to better imagine them with a Hyundai.

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