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Window Shopping 2.0

window-shopping-street-team-marketingWindow shopping just got pricier: Ralph Lauren launched a 24-hour interactive window in London on Wednesday, giving customers the opportunity to shop by touching a wide screen monitor outside the company's flagship London store.
Ralph Lauren launched a similar window in New York last year during the U.S. Open. The larger window in London is tailored to the Wimbledon tournament, and will come down after the tournament's close in early July.
Models in Ralph Lauren outfits are projected onto a 78 inch (200 centimeter) lightweight touch foil screen applied directly to the glass.
By touching the model wearing a shawl cardigan over her dress, for example, shoppers will be guided using electronic touch sensory technology to a page adding the cardigan to their digital shopping cart. To get the dress itself, press the arrow and three new images appear, including one highlighting the dress. (tk)

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