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Armchair Activists Unite!

'Tool for armchair activists' is a machine for remote rants and protests. Thanks to its embedded mobile telecommunication device, the machine is able to receive incoming sms messages and speak them out loud through its powerful megaphone.

Together with MTV, Troika designed a two weeks'campaign around the Tool for Armchair Acivists to raise awareness for last year's Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen.

Some of the life changing messages submitted thus far:

1.Jeg er sjov... Jeg snakker.
I am funny... I talk.

2.god røv i de sorte bukser!
good ass in the black trousers!

3. Til folket i danmark, har i nogen sinde tænkt over meningen med livet, hvor vi kommer fra og om vi kan bruges til noget ?
To the people in Denmark, have you ever considered the meaning of life, where we come from and if we are of any use?

4.Køb en stor pølse til din kæreste
Buy a large sausage to your sweetheart

5. muHaha Haha muHaha Haha Haha HahaHahaHahaHahaHaha.


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