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Adidas Kidnaps Teens That Try On Climacools

What's the best way to make young people more active? Adidas explores the option of giving them something to run for in their newest campaign!

In an effort to jump start running shoe sales with French teens Adidas launched the "Ready to Run" experiential campaign that kidnapped unsuspecting teens trying on Climacools in random stores all over France. They were thrown in to vans, prepped with instructions by Teddy Riner (world champion judo wrestler) and given an hour to complete their mission. Their outrageous objectives ranged from delivering keys to a cheerleader-filled locker room to jumping out a moving helicopter--all for a chance to meet some of France's biggest celebrities. Adidas used an interesting way to persuade their targets to test out their shoes and most definitely gained some life-time customers from this campaign.

[Via PSFK]

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