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Lexicon: "Fauxmotions"

Sometimes the English language doesn't provide you with the proper word to describe a person, place, thought, action or thing and you need to make one up. At Guerrilla Sushi, we embrace the invention of new words and make them up as often as possible.

A "Fauxmotion" is the act of creating a television commercial that looks like it was guerrilla/street marketing "caught on tape." It was made popular by the always thought provoking TheTruth.com TV ads and now a handful of other companies, including the Kleenex's "Couch", General Mills "Cereal Box Aisle" and more recently Kashi's "Steal a Cookie" have been airing similar ads.

Don't get us wrong, we're not against this form of advertising, some of our best friends make TV commercials, we just felt the act deserved a word.

That said, we'd like to see more "real" execution of those ideas in several cities, either leading up to or following the commercials. It would add even more buzz to the campaign with people excited that they got to see the real thing.

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