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Your Brain on Advertising

neuromarketing-street-team-event-marketingDo you ever get the creepy feeling that advertisers know how to put a lump in your throat, inspire subconscious brand loyalty, or make your mouth water? Just wait: It could get worse. An emerging technique called neuromarketing that uses brain scans to measure human response to promotional messages is starting to catch on in Europe—and soon ads may become even more effective at prompting you to pull out your wallet. Orwellian, perhaps. But for companies looking to fine-tune their promotions and boost sales, neuromarketing offers the enticing prospect of a quantitative way to test the subconscious effectiveness of ads, jingles, and logos before spending big bucks on placements. That’s a godsend for marketers wary of the sometimes unreliable results of focus groups and other field testing. (al)


daria said...

okay, true, major creepiness, but there are ways to advertise and engage the costumers without invading their brains.i just saw a really cool installation of a company called EyeClick and was surprised at how the brand did get it's message across without making me feel assaulted. i looked them up and saw a few of their movies on YouTube. check them out

John D. said...

i actually know these guys, they have a very nice web site, http://eyeclick.com