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"Mr. Simpson, pay for your purchases and get out...and come again!"

kwikemart-movie-promotional-event-marketingA dozen 7-Eleven stores across North America have now been temporarily morphed into the fictional convenience store "Quik-E-Mart". The transformation is slated to last for the month of July to help promote the upcoming Simpsons movie which is due for release on July 27.

The 6,000 or so other 7-Eleven stores that weren't converted have also jumped on the promotional Canyonero by selling Simpsons-related snack items such as Buzz Cola, KrustyO's cereal, and - you guessed it - the infamous Squishee. In fact, one flavor of 7-Eleven's own Slurpee will be sold as "WooHoo! Blue Vanilla" Squishee for the month.

Oh and before you even ask, no, they will not be offering Duff Beer. I know...I was crushed, too. (al)

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