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How Famous Mr. Lee Became - CatCam


Have you ever wondered what your cat is up to when he disappears for hours at a time? Jurgen Perthold did and desparate to find out what his, Mr. Lee, gets into when he's out kicking it, he equipped a camera to the collar of his three year old Moggy and let the fun begin. (al)

This is just plain bonkers!


Anonymous said...

This really IS bonkers!


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to nomadic privacy? This is ridiculous and I hope those responsible for this bonkers device do the right think and cease immediately.

*Mr. Chubbikins

Anonymous said...

Unorigional and stoopid.


Anonymous said...

Oh Bonkers, lighten up. Us humans are curious about your kind, we're not trying to spy on your private life...maybe.