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bridging the gap

make-me-sustainable-green-event-marketing-agencyCame across this while surfing the web the other day - Make Me Sustainable.
MakeMeSustainable are trying to solve something I have been trying to get my head around as well: to bridge the gap between our ideas about helping the environment and what we actually do about it.
Their website describes it best:
MakeMeSustainable was created to fill the void between how we feel about our environment and what we do about it. We bring you the tools to take action. Our Carbon and Energy Portfolio Manager enables you to visualize and contextualize your individual impact. MMS' sustainable solutions empower you to act upon your knowledge. We can help you to become a more environmentally conscious and efficient individual or business. MMS empowers you to spread the word and encourage friends, family, and co-workers to join the collective effort.
MMS wants to create a community of people concerned with their environmental footprint in order to network, spread the word and effectively mitigate their individual and communal impact.
To be sustainable is to consciously and systematically strive to improve our environmental, economic and financial future for an individual, family and community.
Individually each of us is a drop in the bucket. Together we make a splash. This is the importance of infusing the ideas of sustainability into a community movement.

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