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Slang Guide

Supermarket chain Tesco in the UK gave out little guides to their "older" employees in order to better understand and communicate with their "younger" colleagues and customers. The guide is being tried in 1500 stores nationwide and is an incentive from Tesco's PR department that, if it goes well, will be implemented in all stores.

It's a lesson for all of us, and key phrases in the guide include:

Bad: Good (but this can also mean bad. When in doubt, just nod).

How’s it hanging’?: How are you today?

Laters: Cheerio, goodbye.

Minging: Ugly, unattractive.

Phat: Wicked (in the good sense), cool.

Slammin’: Pleasing to the eye.

Talk to the hand: I’m not listening.

Wack: Weak, boring.



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