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Live Video Ads


Live Video Ads take the concept of experiential marketing online.
The concept of generating attention on the spot with product samples or events has already been popular since a while. Now marketers are starting to move this popular tactic online, generating attention with video cameras on location, integrating consumers and passerby’s into the advertisement action. These video ads are than edited on the spot and are fed directly to the web.
To promote the horror movie “The Number 23,” New Line Cinema sent street teams to bars and events across the country with a confession booth and a video camera. Visitors than had to describe their obsessions, but did not have to mention their name or show their face. The videos were edited on the spot and sent online. When Web surfers opened pages with the New Line ads, they could watch the most current videos showing people like them confessing that they are obsessed with a certain pop star or food. A former bar tender even confessed that she used to put eye drops in the beer of customers. The confessions were also posted on a YouTube channel dedicated to the movie. Check out a sample video below.

Trend Impact:
So far there is not much life video footage online. Although 50 percent of all American households are now on broadband Internet connections, local Internet traffic can make streaming video arrive more slowly. With life footage it is also much harder to remove boring or inappropriate content. But the concept of life video ads is persuading, especially since more people will watch video content on their cell phones. The availability and interaction with online content becomes a more and more important part of life for today’s consumer. Tomorrows consumer might even expect the to be surrounded by available online content wherever they go. People are used to not only interact in real life, but also embrace real time communication via various mobile messaging and online tools.

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