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After Pandora and Last.fm (which was just acquired by CBS) I came across this really cool candidate to discover new music, called Burst Labs.
Burst Labs lets you define which mood you are in to present you with fresh new music. It's really sweet, and presented in a soothing, organic, and liquid looking interface that isn't overwhelming or makes you feel that you might constantly miss out on something else.
One can either pick a song after just defining "Confident" as the criteria, or go really deep into it so that the criteria chain might look like this: Confident - melodic - cheerful - festive - inspirational - insistent. Then you end up with a song called Modern Mile, by Daniel Holter and Michael Standal.
Try it out, it's a bunch of fun, however, it remains a discovery service, so you won't get the whole song due to licensing issues, just a taste ...

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