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The Chipmunk VS. The Lad

Ok, so we can't decide and your assistance is required:
What's more funny, the Berries and Creme Starburst Commercial or The Dramatic Chipmunk Clip?

Please cast your vote and reason for it in the comments section.

Berries and Creme

Dramatic Chipmunk


Brandon said...

I'm a little lad who loves Berries and-a Creeeeeeeeeeam! The lad wins solely based on the heel click.

Beth said...

I vote for the Dramatic Chipmunk! I can't stop laughing! He's so cute.

noel said...

Go Chipmunk GO!

It's pure genius based on where it was found (here's the original clip):

I think it's actually a prairie dog, but whatever, he's dramatic!

Adam said...

Berries and Cream = not funny....Chipmunk wins.

Gabriel said...

Personification is always funny...so the prairie dawg wins...although kudos to the little lad...he's got to call his mom and tell her that all of her hard work has gotten him to this milestone.

Kinglolo said...

are people you KIDDING me? "Berries and Cleeeem" by a landslide.

cobbler in a train station = hilarious

Anonymous said...

got to give it up for the berries and cream!!

tobias said...

CHIPMONK all the way for realz

Olav said...

Chipmunk, prairie dog, squirrel whatever - this little guy is on its way for an oscar. Chippy wins!