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free your mind

Since we here at Guerrilla Sushi are always looking for new trends and developments I could not help but notice how technology is ahead of ourselves times again.
Whereas in politics we still have to choose between one extreme or the other, the operating system world has moved on and we no longer have to choose between Windows or OS. Sure, Linux has been around for years, but lacked a user interface for everyone (somewhat like Ralph Nader maybe). But now, there is Ubuntu!
The free open source operating system — complete with a word processor, Web browser, spreadsheet application, and PDF reader — is elegant, secure, and intuitive.
$25 million have already been spent on the project launched by Mark Shuttleworth, hiring top-tier open source developers and negotiating with computer manufacturers to start selling PCs with Ubuntu preinstalled. It's available in 35 languages and free to download here.
Finally, there is a category for the rest of us who make spreadsheets AND fancy movies, we just need to figure out what we are going to call this category since "cool" and "uncool" seem to have already been taken ...

Quick update from our friends at Gizmodo:

Dell's Debuts Their Ubuntu Machines Today, Wal-Mart PCs Next Month

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