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Drink Company Pulls 'Cocaine' From Shelves

I'll admit, I thought it was a bit much when I first heard about a company naming an energy drink after a drug, but really? Really pull it from the shelves? According to this piece by Beverage World, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal claimed victory for kicking 'Cocaine' out of Connecticut (one of the larger tobacco producing states in the country, I might add). Redux Beverages, LLC tried to fight their freedom of speech case everywhere possible (Connecticut, Texas and Illinois), but court costs became too much, so they ended up surrendering.

I'm not condoning the use of street drugs as brand names or in marketing, but are we forgetting where "Coca-Cola" got its name? Who will be the next witch hunt victim, Liquid Speed, Wired, NuSpeed or Jimmy Hendrix Liquid Experience?

You thought that last one was a joke, didn't you?


Sean Greenbek said...

Yes, I did think that last one was a joke. But now all I know is I gotta try me one of those.

Guerr!lla Sushi said...

Ha! Us too. Looks like we'll have to wait a little bit.

Brandon said...

You totally forgot about Steven Seagal's Lightning Drink.

bob2008 said...

So instead of facing jail time, the people at Redux Beverages decided to pull the cocaine energy drink off the shelf.
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